Friday, 28 September 2012


Evening all

I have been naughty.  Again.  Had pizza for tea. Ah well, I didnt eat a whole one and I put it down to not eating lunch.  As the hole is fixed I have been trying to get a bit of organisation back to the house so didnt stop for much today.

B - berries with double cream - my new fav breakfast. :D
L - nothing
T - pizza and beer

Snacks - nothing

Drinks - 2 cups of tea and 2 beers :o

Exercise - none again

joints - been ok

Asthma - seems to be ok even after all the dust this morning and pizza this evening

I was trying on some clothes earlier.  Work clothes, pre kids stuff.  And I still fit 1 jacket and 2 pairs of trousers.  I can get on and nearly fit 2 suits, lots of skirts and loads of trousers. :D  Hopefully I will be able to get into them again soon. And yes, I know that means no more pizza! lol  Well, except for the leftovers tomorrow ;)

Have a great evening

Sal x

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