Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Whoo Hoo


Well, we had some good news today.  'The hole' in our floor is going to be fixed end of next week.  Am so pleased especially as its letting in water and cold due to the brickwork falling apart.  So I went and got a bottle of wine to celebrate.  Naughty I know, but it is chardonnay so not as bad as a sweet one. :D

B - homemade yogurt
L - bacon, 2 fried eggs, 1 fried tomato and 1 fried large mushroom covered in cheese
T - gammon with huge salad.  Too much salad, am totally stuffed now.  The cheese is mexicano (got it whoopsied) and very nice.
Snacks - none
Drinks - 3 cups of tea and 1 pint of water (must do better)
Exercise - 30 minute brisk walk and 15 minute school run brisk walk (after dropping kids off lol)
Joints - aching, will not buy tomatoes for a bit as if I have them I will eat them
Asthma - been fine all day
Great news on the sleep.  I went to bed around 11.30pm ish last night and the alarm woke me up at 6.30pm.  And I am not feeling tired now.  Wouldnt it be nice if that continued. :D
Sal x

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