Monday, 10 September 2012



Well its was weigh in day today.  And I am very pleased to announce that I did not put on any weight since Friday.  I didnt lose any either but I am ok with that.  So low carb alcohol as a weekend treat is ok!!!! :D

Weight - 10st 6lbs 

Week 1 loss - 3lbs :D :D :D

B - leftover sausage in omelette
L - leftover pork belly and salad
T - roast chicken with brocolli and green beans and gravy

Snacks - none

Drinks - 1 cup of tea (less than 1 teaspoon sugar :D), 5 pints water

Exercise - 30 min brisk walk

Joints - not aching or clicking today

Asthma - bit wheezy but still sorting dusty boxes

Last night was the first Sunday night that I can remember that I have slept.  Even going back to when I was a school, I could never sleep on a Sunday night.  Firstly the panic from having to go to school, then work, and even now being a SAHM (only occasionally working when I can get the hours) I still cant sleep.  But last night I did.  :D  I felt great on the walk this morning and walked further in the same amount of time. :D  Been busy bee today cleaning, sorting stuff, putting stuff in attic and general running around doing stuff, I feel like I have loads of energy.  Well, I did earlier, feeling a bit tired now though lol.

Sal x

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