Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day 18


It has been a miserable day today, wet and horrible.  Was not impressed on my walk this morning.  I had to slightly cut the walk short as there was another dog and as my dog has LDS (little dog sydrome) and barks at every other dog it sees I decided to turn around, and it was raining so didnt really need much of an excuse.

Here is my little walking partner looking dapper wearing his new doggy bandana

B - omelette
L - cheese and ham salad
T - omelette pizza.  Had tinned toms, onion, pepper, cheddar, mozzerella, mexicano cheese, ham, pepperoni and sliced tomato (last one!)
Snacks - none
Drinks - 4 cups of tea and 1 pint water
exercise - 30 min dog walk and running around like a lunatic!
Joints - been fine today
asthma - fine again
Think I am coming down with a cold.  Probably from getting wet this morning.  Early night for me I think, just hope it doesnt make it a too early morning as well.....
Sal x

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