Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 2


Well I am onto day 2.  I should I have pointed out before that I am also doing this on a budget so my food may turn out a bit odd depending on what I have in and when I am going shopping next.


B - ham omelette
L - mince and onion with tinned toms and oxo bolognaise cube (made enough for 2 days and was lovely).  I had tinned toms even though I am cutting them out as I have run out of salad.  But according to http://thediabetesclub.com/a-treatment-for-arthritis-avoid-nightshade-foods/ (which a very kind person on mse posted after I asked if anyone knew about it for my friend) it says cooking can reduce the effects so hopefully tinned toms should be ok.
T - whilst everyone else ate fake pizza takeaway with sides as its my eldest birthday, I had chicken wings, sausages wrapped in bacon, a few chicken nuggets and cheese coleslaw.  So whilst it is higher carb that I am trying to achieve, it is better than eating pizza.  I felt I made the right choice so am happy.

Snacks - none

Drinks - 1 cup of tea with sugar (will try without tomorrow) and 4 pints of water.

Exercise - 30 min dog walk and running around all day like a lunatic! lol

Joints - fingers ached this morning

Asthma - felt it this morning but that could be because the fan in the bedroom was on all night so dust around.  Not been too bad during the day even though I have been clearing and sorting so dusty.

I am intending to resist the choccy cake I have made for my sons birthday by yet more sorting of stuff this evening or crocheting. 

Best get cutting the birthday cake then.

Sal x

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