Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 3

Evening all

A lovely sunny day here today.  That helps with drinking the water I find. Winter will be hard to keep that one up but I did find some squash today that is meant to be served hot/warm so that might help me along.

B - cheese omelette
L - pate on cucumber (got back late from shopping so didnt have time for much and aldi have cucumber on their super 6 so got 3! :D)
T - leftover chicken in fajita seasoning with salad and leftover cheese coleslaw

snacks - lump of cheese

drinks - 2 cups of tea (1 teaspoon of sugar in each - yay), 4 pints of water

Exercise - 30 mins brisk dog walk. 

Joints - fingers a little bit achy but not really noticable most of day

Asthma - been alright all day :D

And I did resist chocolate hobnobs in my meeting this morning :o  Although I did struggle with the great big choccy cake that is leftover from yesterday but I have resisted.  :D

Sal x

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