Sunday, 23 September 2012

Home Sweet Home


Well, I am back from my sisters.  Lots of food and wine and beer :o 

I put my food for Friday but here is the pizza base again as it didnt come out on Friday.

It was nice but I still had to eat it with a knife and fork as it was crumbly.  Hubby tried the base and thinks it had a marmite taste, I didnt notice that.  But at £5 for enough flour for 2 pizzas, I wont be buying it.
Saturday we had a fry up for breakfast and then I didnt have lunch.  But I did eat lots of cheese and meat for tea (and a bit of salad).  But I had 3 beers and then wine afterwards.
So now onto today
B - bacon, eggs, sausages and grilled tomato
L - packet of almonds (not really hungry)
T - my turkey thigh mince leftovers
Drinks - lots of tea and bit of water
Back posting properly tomorrow.  Hopefully I wont have done too much damage.
Sal x

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