Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day 17

Evening all

Not stopped today.  Feeling quite tired now.  Anyhoo....

B - homemade yoghurt
L - steaklettes with cheese on a bed of salad and baby spinache leaves
T - low carb toad in the hole with 1 carrot and cabbage.  I made the toad in the hole by mixing egg and milk for the 'real' one and poured around 50ml into a seperate container, to that I added 3 tablespoons of ground almonds.  I put it in fridge and when I got it out it was thick so I added water.  I cooked for 20 mins.  And here it is.
It did kind of get destroyed a bit when I took it out though as you can see.  It tasted a bit nutty and bitty but when gravy was on it, it soaked it up and was nice.  I will be having it again.
Snacks - none
Drinks - 4 cups of tea and 1 pint water
Exercise - 35 minute brisk walk
Joints - aching a bit (still got tomatoes left to eat :( )
Asthma - ok today
Woke again at 5am but went straight back to sleep and alarm woke me up at 6.30am.  Felt fine all day but tired now. 
Sal x

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