Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 4


I am really pleased today.  I am eating 3 real meals and not snacking and not wanting to pick at food in the evening.  The only problem is that I am constantly bloated from the water I am drinking.  I really hope I get rid of this feeling soon.

B - pate omelette (not the best and wont be having again! lol)
L - left over mince lunch from day 2 with cheese sprinkled on top (looks better with cheese on :D)

T - gammon with salad

snacks - none

drinks - 2 huge cups of tea (1 teaspoon of sugar in each - yay), 1 pint of water, 3 pints weak squash

Exercise - 30 mins brisk dog walk and running up and down stairs putting washing away (yes, it counts :P)

Joints - Fingers aching a bit but again not really noticable athough are clicking a bit more than yesterday.

Asthma - Another day of being fine :D

I am still resisting the choccy cake (well, except for licking my fingers when I cut a slice for my son but I am only human!!!).  I am sleeping better at the moment, would be good if that lasts as I rarely sleep well.   So except for the bloating I am feeling pretty good.  :D

Sal x

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