Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 5


Well, onto day 5 and I am full of energy and feel great.  Infact I was sat about earlier itching to do something :o!!!   I also decided to weigh today so I can see how the weekend effects me.  I do tend to be a bit more relaxed on a weekend and of course there is alcohol, but my sister gave me some vodka which has no carbs so will try to stick to one or two of that :P.

Weigh in - 10 st 6lb (loss of 3lbs YAY!!!! :D :D :D)

B - cheese omelette
L - chicken salad
T - pizza with omelette base and for toppings I had chicken in a homemade bbq sauce, gammon, onions, pepperoni, olives and lots of cheese :D  Here is a picture, I couldnt take it as a round pizza as it broke a lot when I tried to take it out the pan.

snacks - none

drinks - 1 cup of tea (1 teaspoon of sugar), 2 pint of water, 3 pints weak squash

Exercise - 30 mins brisk dog walk and running up and down stairs putting yet more washing away.

Joints - Fingers still aching a little

Asthma - No problems :D

So a good day although I am starting to feel a bit bloated now but I have drank a fair bit today.  I decided on the omelette base for the pizza because it was the easiest base to do and I had to have pizza as Friday night is film and pizza night here.

Best get back to the film.

Sal x

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