Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The hole is bigger! :o


Finally we are getting the hole inside out doorway fixed. Yay!

This is how it looked first thing

This is how it looked at lunch time :o

and this is how it looks now
The kids have been warned to be very careful.  They couldnt do much more on the floor as they had to sort out the crumbling brick work under the door.  Now that is done the floor will be finished tomorrow! :D
B - cheese - wasnt hungry again
L - leftover sausagemeat, sage & onion balls and salad
T - leftover chicken and salad
Snacks - none
Drinks - 1 cup of tea and 2 pints water with tea.  This is because I couldnt go upstairs to the loo cos of the hole so didnt want to drink much during the day and now I feel bloated.
Exercise - none
Joints - ok
Asthma - ok
Really must try and remember to get the berries out of freezer tonight for tomorrows breakfast, thats the only reason why I bought double cream.
Sal x

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